This is

My name is Jim Sher

Yes, I wrote the ScumTracks app.
MD5: "dd663a44c3868a78db7a49c8ed24afd1"
SHA256: "1c751f05a5030d59b169fc27aa102102c02706e9134954118e38f406ddb9804e"
Find me on Discord:

Thanks for your interest. For a more presonalized experience (customized watermark etc), Please donate.

And then let me know if you tip so that we can get in touch.

BTC - 3GwGHY5SQZVE9Lv72PGfzY7kiN7fB9Sz6G

LTC - M9dSujZBkca6JKW9Tvt81DmFK27syTKPGA

Current Version: 0.4

Recent Updates:
Added a Screen Resolution check to make sure that you can view the large map and display a warning if you do not.
Moved "Render" and "Return" buttons on the medium and large maps
Added a disclaimer
Included more motivation
Included temporal motivator
Removed watermarked maps and replaced them with vanilla ones

Known bugs: (It's Janky!)
It can change your posture (Stand/Crouch/Prone) in game.
There's no screen resizing. You can use either 800x800, 1000x1000 or 1400x1400